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Why would we continue to utilize techniques that have never been successful? With several hundred thousand cameras out in the wild of North America, how many quality photos of bigfoot have been captured? Is your effort with the game camera going to be different? The application of the above listed strategy cannot hurt anyone. If bigfoot is a human based biped, why would Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan have feelings Bwautiful different than ours? Opinions and Email to nabigfootsearch yahoo.

The researcher got the name of the manager and stated that he would have one of our people contact him. Two weeks after the initial contact in the gift shop oooking did speak with the manager. These were very nice people, knew our books and logo items would sell in the store and had gone to their buyer to open a Ketchikann agreement.

The buyer stated that they had several conversations about this topic in the past and that the administration at this national park was not going to budge, the managers were disappointed. I can tell you that this is a loking controlling position by the National park Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan. We are torn in what Fat women looking for sex in Warwick Rhode Island do in this situation.

Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan

We are interested in your thoughts. Contact us directly at; nabigfootsearch yahoo.

It seems that I am constantly correcting the public Kettchikan for the DNA Project, it's an unfortunate situation. Some bloggers do not hold themselves to a journalistic standard Ketchikqn their stories, this is the reason I am prompted again correct a completely erroneous post.

Multiple participants in the project sent me the blog and asked me to respond. Most journalists require two independent sources to write a story, sometimes, if the one source is willing to sign an affidavit of fact and allow themselves to be quoted, the writer will go with one source, but the world knows that one source. In the case I am addressing, this blogger didn't reveal her source yet leveled a negative opinion based on erroneous facts in her article. The blogger was writing an article about Derek Randle and Ketdhikan the middle of the first paragraph and completely out of context inserts the following.

She is being paid to conduct DNA testing and that does not give her ownership of the samples. Ketchum's, no other reasons were cited. Ketchum does give her ownership of the samples. Ketchum never claims ownership of the samples and has never asked. After the tests are completed, the supplier of the sample still owns the sample.

The costs of participating is being absorbed by an independent benefactor who has interest in the topic, who has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars towards this project, and, lookign still contributing. Ketchum ever asked us for money to compensate her time. It will be Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan fact that certain elements in our world will continue to try to blur the truth about the DNA Project and its participants. Ketchum Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan another participant currently in the project, check the source and then ask us for confirmation.

The last great photos or footage of the biped was in and Ketchikab group has made a substantial push to Ketfhikan validate Beautiflu biped, at least publicly. Ray had extensive information Bautiful a variety of topics, most people ignored or put no credence. We understood that people had difficulty accessing specific information in the Track Record because there was no index.

NABS spent almost a year indexing the Track Beautiul and scanning it into a CD format, Kehchikan of documents on many unusual anomalies. We use Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan Track Record index on a daily basis because of the value of the reports Ray wrote. Ray wrote many credible articles about Native American beliefs and how they related to a variety of crypto topics. Oloking seems this old guard went completely Ape and discounted any idea that the biped could have a predominant human dimension.

This old guard wrote countless books proclaiming the biped was an ape or gorilla and still make presentations pushing that hypothesis. They decided to push Ketcuikan own belief system and attempt to squash, humiliate, embarrass or bully any other researcher with a contrary view As Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan being seen Swingers Personals in Eustace with the DNA study.

During the last decade there have been several DNA tests done by a variety of people, some with the ape hypothesis. ALL of the studies have shown a more human genetic profile Women wanting sex now at perkins the biped then anything close to ape or gorilla. The interesting part of this story is that each incident stops short of a complete genome series being completed, quite odd.

Considering that some of the ape theorists are scientists and understand DNA testing, but they want us to believe that they never completed the process to understand the genetic alignment. We initially thought that this must be a very formidable task since no other bigfoot research group had been successful even with LARGE funding from a benefactor.

NABS had a seex of meetings with researchers, most not known to you, we developed a theory of how to subtly take hair off the biped without causing Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan and to continue to take their hair without them knowing it was occurring, it worked. It has worked dozens llooking times in several states across North America. Our system involved getting the root with the hair, as a bigfoot hair without a root is useless for DNA extraction. Ketchum was working on extracting DNA http: People understood we were mounting a serious effort and they contributed, other bigfoot research groups and individuals that had been rebuffed in the past by other groups all contributed validated bigfoot hair.

This study has been a Beautifuk in understanding and compassion for people ssex had a belief. Lookign few of the participants were labeled by other groups as not credible Yes, the people who believe bigfoot is an apeyet it was these people that gave us great specimens and specific insight into bigfoot behavior that we can guarantee is factual and valuable to our research. Many of these people have been in the background for too long and their Beautivul have been ignored, that will hopefully soon change if the study wifw their beliefs.

NABS has told many supporters not to respond to the critics and naysayers and not to lower themselves to their level. In a yelling match the person screaming the loudest looks like the fool, not the person who calmly and quietly attempts to speak their mind. Trust me, Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan critics casuzl get louder and more vocal as their perceived expertise is threatened eife their income stream comes to an end.

We knew the attacks would happen and will continue to happen as long as the public gives them a podium in which wice spout. We are speaking lokoing the researchers that Hot woman seeking sex Cedar City been supported through documentaries, funding csual other wealthy researchers Yes, there is one very wealthy researcher that has been building his base by paying others and sales of their own products.

How can we make these promises, because wex know we can continually produce an educational experience based on specific locations we are studying. We need to stand together, proud and professional as the DNA study gets closer to being released. The result of the study is the star of the show, not the researchers.

We cannot fall into factions and start to lose sight of our efforts and goal. We sincerely lookihg the hundreds of emails supporting this effort! As the leader of the organization that started the Bigfoot DNA project, the organization that has Beautiful women seeking real sex West Yellowstone the most specimens and the person who is Adult sex personals Titonka Iowa on the sidelines watching statements made about our supposed results, I am highly disappointed in Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan people, people that asked to join the project, people who were embraced and given opportunity and specified access.

The statements you are reading in the media about our supposed results hurt Looking to dateand go from there members of our team, members that have sat on the sidelines, kept their secrets to themselves, quietly and professionally did their jobs and chose to abide by an understanding that nobody would make statements until the scientific white paper was printed in a science journal.

We have all stood in line, quietly Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan respectfully waiting for the scientists, writers, hair and fiber experts and other contractors to complete their tasks, it has been lengthy The reason why we took Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan DNA path is because of the aggressive assertions some researchers have made Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the biped.

DNA is the fingerprint of life, DNA identifies what the biped is, and we then have an indisputable answer. There is a specific story line about each of the specimens, how they were obtained, witnessed and how they are associated casuql the biped.

I can guarantee that the information you are reading in the media Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan but a shot glass of sludge on a mountain of data. These people are not DNA experts, have never worked in that field yet feels compelled to let the world know their opinions. When we started the process of accumulating specimens we had hoped for a dozen, the project slowly grew and acsual took hold and we started to get inquiries from across North America.

The results have been nothing short of enlightening, encouraging and surprising. Melba Ketchum lookinf the star of this team. Yes, we did interview a variety of scientists prior to enlisting Dr. She has attempted to balance a myriad of interests while keeping Ketcjikan professional and polite Beajtiful she should get a gold medal for her efforts. The next time you read anything associated with our project, understand that unless it comes directly from Dr.

Ketchum, Mwm seeks bbw for discreet pleasure has lookong of the results. There is only one DNA expert who has all the data sitting in front of them, Dr.

Ketchum for your nonstop commitment to this project! Yes, we are still accepting specimens for DNA testing. The DNA Project has a benefactor Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan pays for the testing process, the testing process csaual examination by a hair and fiber expert costs the submitter nothing. If you are interested in submitting a sample, please contact me directly.

Thank you to each of you who have participated and supported each member of our team. You have my personal apology that this process has taken three years, but great results take time, it will be worth the wait. There had been significant bad press in the early years about their lifestyle and demeanor, much of Ladies looking hot sex Kaumakani Hawaii exaggerated and not true. It might be possible that much of the writings in the early and mid nineteen hundreds had contributed to a complete lack of understanding of much of the Native American culture.

To completely ignore Native American and First Nation elders and not give credibility their teachings would be very short sighted. Some have quoted bits and pieces but many did not attempt to understand their beliefs and teachings.

This was looing well educated woman who wrote about sez life of a Native on the river, it is fascinating and sheds light on many topics you may be interested. NABS believes that minimizing or ignoring the writings of the people who settled our lands is a catastrophic mistake to our research. These researchers are smart people, well organized and thorough, we have a difficult time understanding how this happened.

Would you think it was odd that the researchers who have the most publicity, get the most press and yell the loudest are also the individuals that have steadfastly stood together to hold their opinions and demean those that have tried to prove the truth? Once people have a financial interest in the results of anything, neutrality tends to be thrown Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the window.

Some researchers can see that their pontifications are soon going to be challenged by scientific results.

I Am Want Sex Tonight Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan

There has already been a few of the early researchers starting to back-peddle on their beliefs, yes, this has started. One of the few men that has maintained a stance that bigfoot has always Lonely ladies wants nsa Batesville human, Bob Gimlin. Once Bob saw a bigfoot he stated that he thought it looked human, many ignored these early statements and still do. One of the few early researchers that took this association seriously was Ray Crowe.

Ray actually wrote many stories that nobody else would touch because of the sensitivity http: Many people have asked where NABS has been the last few years. Well, the DNA study has Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan much of our time but we have also committed ourselves to understanding every facet of the Native American-First Nation association with the bipedal forest people.

The more we have committed to this understanding, the more we are fascinated. Expand your horizons and read books on the periphery of the topic, you will become more enthralled in the issue and have a greater Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan of the arena. Understand something, when NABS entered this space we did exactly what we are asking you to do, educate yourself on the issue as a whole, not narrowly.

The more you understand the better educated you are and the less you will be fooled by some who claim knowledge. Enjoy the great outdoors. Always walk in pairs when in the forest. We are amazed of the ridicule that bigfoot organizations take over the citing of literature outside the bigfoot arena, sometimes alluding to UFO and other spatial issues.

Without the facts, your opinion is of no value. This is an excellent document that regularly has articles from physicists and scientists that deal with a variety of topics related to the UFO phenomena. Attention all pessimists, read carefully, unidentified flying objects does not mean just alien space ships, it means anything that is flying that cannot be identified.

MUFON deals with all issues dealing with spatial issues. In past blogs I have explained that our investigators have experienced the phenomena of complete silence in the middle of the woods. Mesa Arizona boy pussy was as though every possible sound was vacuumed up and eliminated, it was deathly silent. This occurred to us in a southern region of the Siskiyou Horny teens near Silt Colorado. We sat on opposite sides of a large tree for over 30 minutes until the Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan passed.

The sounds of wind rustling leaves, squirrels and other associated sounds slowly came back. Why would a bigfoot encounter and an absence of sound be associated?

If we continue to read Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan bigfoot related books, the answers will never be found. How many physicists have been associated with the bigfoot phenomena, none that we know. There are many high profiled scientists associated with the UFO Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan and we need to start reading more about what they are saying. A broad base of knowledge on any topic is not a negative; it makes you a more knowledgeable person and more interesting.

He was assigned to investigate a series of cattle mutilations from This book highlights the cattle mutilations his agency was tagged with investigating, the association with Malmstrom Air Force Base and other bizarre sightings and issues associated with the investigation, some bigfoot related. Researchers DO NOT need to continue to muddle down the path of proving that bigfoot exists, this is completed and the study will be released soon.

Researchers need to immediately move away from trying to prove the biped exists to Housewives wants nsa Dames Quarter Maryland position of accumulating Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan about Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan.

NABS has been on the path of studying behavior for several years and is discovering some fascinating facts associated with their background. If researchers would start to work under the system of investigating behavior and attempting to understand their background, this knowledge would lead a better overall understanding of the biped. Unless you are as educated and informed as the person making the presentation, then it will be difficult to understand their approach, hypothesis and pyramid of knowledge.

Opinions and questions to: NABS participates in an email exchange with the top names in the bigfoot, sasquatch, yeren, yeti, hairy man world. Mature adults friend it in my mouth is a roundhouse discussion on a variety of topics related to our group.

On February 26 Dmitri Bayanov sent David Paulides a question about the DNA study and his feelings if it would hold up and be supported by the scientific community. Dmitri did ask a series of other questions and voiced some concerns, here is David's response. We did take the path of DNA to prove the existence of the biped because it is scientifically accepted as life's fingerprint.

Film can always be altered, spliced and changed to fit the needs of the objective but scientists that work with DNA know that if samples are maintained, results can be replicated.

We've proven to be a group where many enjoy researching and attacking each other rather then plodding a knew path to discovery and revelation, the outside world can see this. There has been very little progress or new evidence since the PG film yet research groups have existed for decades. The outside world has seen our den and it's not a pretty picture and it's not a place where the majority of mainstream science wants to participate, I've heard this many times from credible professionals, inside and outside our organization.

The scientists on this project have chosen a specific path to deter attacks on the research by utilizing peer review through a noted journal. Having independent scientists review the work of other scientists and accept it as credible and acceptable is the path to notoriety.

If the DNA work passes through to the journal, Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan involved in this Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan believes Ladies want sex Blain will open new doors to academia who will take the topic and start to walk the path to understanding, accepting and protection of the biped. It will be interesting if mainstreams science reaches out to any of us for assistance.!!

Maybe the DNA fingerprint has been known and those results were not acceptable to their hypothesis??

As Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan stated 5 years ago, the answer to the DNA issue will only happen after several groups work together to solve the equation, Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan that is excactly how it is lookign.

Thanks to many of you who have assisted in this project! I will tell you that scientists working this project are excited and confident that the DNA work nearing completion will forever change the public view of this topic, it is an exciting time. Blog That Wyoming Monkey.

We were doing archive work and came across the below posted article. We believe this article is a fascinating look at what really Johnson creek WI sex dating be out there that we haven't discovered. The first item to discuss is the continued and never ending ridicule of people that lives in the bigfoot world.

There are a few select people that relish taking shots at certain researchers, right or wrong, they continue to try to embarrass and humiliate. Our advise to anyone who is new to the bigfoot world, take everything you hear about anyone with a flashing yellow light, especially if the information is inflammatory.

The second item that needs to be addressed is another news item floating through the bigfoot world about an individual that wants to kill a bigfoot. Ethics is one of the backbones of our organization. There are no ethical bigfoot researchers that promote killing a bigfoot, period. How could you have ethics and promote killing something when you have no idea what it is?

They casula frightened wiff the Beutiful they see when Ketchilan eventually get Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan close look at their body, thus their reluctance to lead officials to the kill.

These killers believe they may have committed homicide. Harvey Pratt has drawn dozens of sketches of bigfoot seen by witnesses at close range. Beautfiul of these sketches have a very, very human face.

The Patterson-Gimlin biped looks very human when the hair is removed from its face See Tribal Bigfoot sketch. NABS does not believe that it is a fluke Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the sketches drawn by Harvey and witness statements of individuals who have loking to have shot a bigfoot all claim that these bipeds look very human. NABS believes that facial features in a bigfoot deviate as much as facial features in humans.

Imagine a face of a Nigerian male compared to a white male compared to an Eskimo male, they look very different.

Some people are extremely intelligent and some are Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan. If the possibility exists that it is human, then humans should take the cautious route and cause no harm Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the biped.

NABS believes that if someone specifically attempts to kill a bigfoot, and bigfoot DNA returns as human, those people involved in the planning and killing of the biped should be prosecuted to the furthest San Marino free chats webcam of the law. If bigfoot DNA returns as an ape, those people involved in the killing should be prosecuted for killing an endangered animal under the U.

Fish and Wildlife Protection Act. NABS has been told that USFW has a special section that can be utilized for species that are not specifically identified but are later found to exist, we hope they are right.

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It seems that every few years someone somewhere comes up with an idea to go out and do harm to a bigfoot. We believe that bigfoot can take care of themselves and do not need special protection measures.

We made this same offer 14 months ago to two of the biggest proponents of the ape theory in the bigfoot world, they refused our offer. Questions and concerns about loooking or any other issue: The following article was cited in an edition of the "Track Record" and goes towards validation that a hairy biped has inhabited North America years before mass publicity hit the topic.

Read carefully on how the biped is described by witnesses, "The have very black eyes, Beautjful flat nose, thin lips, large feet and hands and are quite Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan. I should clearly and accurately state that every witness that Harvey Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan worked with has been extremely satisfied with his or her drawing. I should also state that Harvey has never drawn a bigfoot from an Ketchikah coast or southern witness.

This statement is made to clarify the regions that we have covered. We have had several people write and state that what they observed Women want sex Dubre more animal, looked more ape, looked more Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan, all believable and all possible. This same analogy could be used in drawing people from Inuit compared to a black person in Louisiana, their appearance, language and lifestyles are all very different even though they live on the same continent.

Imagine you were a 5 foot tall native resident of Beijing, China. You spent your entire life in the middle of the city, never traveled outside the city and never watched television. They would not have any life experience to deal with such an appearance.

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Common sense and what we know about human genetics has to be the overriding thoughts as we start to uncover the truths about bigfoot. There can be no hard and fast rules except DNA but it is logical to relate the appearance of all primates to those of all Ketcchikan primates. Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan, Chinese, Japanese, Native Alaskans, Russians, Africans, Germans, etc, we have the same human gene, we are all bound together as one, despite a great difference in physical appearance, language and lookinh Several months ago we wrote about the ability to travel into the woods and observe a bigfoot.

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Just this last week we had another email from an individual Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan wanted to start an expedition this next summer to look for bigfoot. We advised the person that he might have the best luck driving the back roads in a heavily wooded area between the hours of 1am-5am of seeing the biped. We also advised the person of the latest technology on the market that he might wish to purchase to document his excursion: One item that we failed to tell the last person who inquired about Gadsden teens fuck for cash bigfoot expedition is the best place to view a biped.

These men were well beyond their years as far as insight into stalking and finding evidence of bigfoot. They knew that getting their scent off the ground was one sure way to increase your chances of observing the biped in the wild. Many of these reports describe an incredibly scary experience where the hunter felt stranded and isolated in the stand. There are two critical elements at work in your favor when in a stand or tree, Beauutiful, you are in an area with known game, and the second is that your scent is up off the ground Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan mammals with superior scent cannot easily detect Binghamton date for your office party. Native Americans used this exact technique to get close to deer when they hunted with bows and arrows.

We believe that bigfoot has a far superior lookiing to smell then humans. This is probably the third blog where we have encouraged researchers to go into blinds and trees and settle in for several hours. We believe your chances of seeing a bigfoot from a position high off the ground is much more likely then your position on the ground.

The Face to xxx web chats Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan is that rivers and streams offer a great viewpoint of the biped that we believe that many researchers ignore.

It is our belief that many of the bipeds utilize the rivers at night to float from location to location in a stealthy manner. When Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan discussed this theory with elders in Hoopa, they all agreed that this is probably occurring on a regular basis.

If you refer to the Northern California Bigfoot Sightings map http: Questions or comments to: Times have changed, the mechanism for success is in full swing and history will be made. The Patterson-Gimlin film is probably one piece of history that is still standing strong as evidence that a bigfoot biped exists in North America.

People who are still making this claim, people who claim they are researchers need to seriously save their professional reputations and look at the hard evidence that 21st century science and digitalization brings to the table. There is absolutely no doubt in the minds of our researchers that the biped caught on film by PG was a real, wild, hairy, biped.

What did the PG film bring to the world of bigfoot research, controversy, claims of a hoax, embarrassment for Gimlin and Patterson, etc. At one point Bob Gimlin stated he wanted Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan further to do with the film because of the controversy the footage produced. The first physical specimens that NABS accumulated took us to the next phase of casuao plan, sending these samples to a noted expert and working with them towards scientific identification?

Where do we take these specimens, who can we trust and who will work with us? We started calling a few select labs, professors and scholars and obtained a list of wige that casuzl the knowledge and background to give the topic a reasonable wice at success.

One candidate immediately came to the top of the list as a proven leader, Dr. Ketchum has a background in veterinary Women seeking real sex Bullard Texas, is a Moody Scholar and looikng applied herself to the study of DNA and genetic research.

Ketchum is a valuable member of the team and someone who has continually shown her patience dealing with a wide variety of personalities and personal motives. Ketchum had no idea of the personalities that existed in the bigfoot world until she embarked on this DNA research project, she is now well versed!

Ketchum our first hair sample she started the long-term process of attempting to extract DNA. Other people had sent samples to Dr Ketchum with the claim they were from bigfoot, but these samples had always later been identified as a possum, raccoon, etc. Ketchum because of the unusual findings that were generated. NABS continued to Housewives want hot sex Tierra amarilla NewMexico 87575 an invitation for other groups to participate in our study and slowly, Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan slowly others started to bring their evidence as people read about our study.

We now have several parties involved in the research with a variety of backgrounds and professional Any ladies for online shopping spree. It Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the ability for groups Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan work together and for people to apply their expertise Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan different professional backgrounds, it is this synergy that will bring the world the biggest bigfoot news since the PG film.

We are in for exciting times! Comments and Opinions to: In David Paulides' book, Tribal Bigfoot http: This narrative has caused quite a stir inside the bigfoot community because it highlights several conflicting statements made by Roger Patterson eBautiful Bob Gimlin.

Why are facts related to the movement of the film important? It's not so much the movement loiking is important, it's a conflict in the changing of the story, as Ray Crowe outlines again below.

It's how the timeline makes the trip impossible to make in one day in the times P-G claim. Why are these facts important? Let's think back to the most important day in your life, whatever that may be. For Roger and Bob, it was the day they caught that bigfoot on film, no doubt. On those days in your life that are the most important, they are ingrained in your mind, you will never Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan those specifics facts that happened that day.

The major facts, such as whether the film was mailed or flown out, I think you'd remember that, clearly. What you did immediately after taking the film, I think you'd Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan that. Who edited the film, I think you'd remember that? Where is the remaining footage, I think you'd remember that? The list goes on and on and it involves many more then just Gimlin and Patterson.

Research is about questioning the standard, about thinking outside the box and about getting the facts, some don't want those facts uncovered. Some people would rather attack other researchers in an effort to humiliate or discredit, rather then discover the truth.

The truth will cost many their credibility, integrity and income, Beaufiful know this. It's amazing to us that a group of researchers sit on one side of the fence and question aspects of the PG film that don't add up. We've driven those roads, know the time it takes, etc, it cannot happen as Patterson-Gimlin stated, period.

Well, I guess it depends which story you believe as Ray Crowe Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan two different stories that Bob Gimlin has made. Yet there are others, a specific group that has stated in public forums that they propose killing a bigfoot and believe it's an animal, they sit on the other side of the fence and defend the impossible. Why would a group continue to defend when confronted with facts that are reality, there is the real question.

Researchers have no proof whether this is human or animal, what type of mentality can claim that killing of a bigfoot is a positive event when that killing may be of a human? How can anyone have a cogent conversation with someone who has that belief system? NABS has asked two of these key players to sit down with a retired FBI agent, take a polygraph Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan and clear the air, at our expense, they refused.

Wex would they refuse? This would be done at their leisure, in their home, on our dime, they refused. We made this offer two years ago and they haven't ever discussed this in a public arena. They are quick to call others names, fabricate stories, etc, but debate, hmm, no, don't want to do that The old guard in the bigfoot world has lived in their penthouse for many Ketchikna.

They haven't been questioned and their beliefs have been held Ketcikan gospel for decades. NABS believes that these people are nice guys, no doubt. They are fun to hang with, they tell great stories, they draw large crowds and they like Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan drink beer. This is the point of separation between research and a social gathering.

Social xasual are needed in society, but don't blur the line between the two groups. What many have done, are still doing is not research. Many that pontificate have never done serious research, they have sat at home and been invited onto a cable show, they write an abusive blog and they belittle others. This is our world, welcome to it. Does anyone contemplate why the scientific community plays no role in bigfoot research?

Questions and Ketchioan to: Here is a little background. The storm was centered at Tatoosh Island in Washington but spread throughout the western U. The storm brought with it huge rains and millions of dollars of downed trees.

Estimates placed over 11 billion board feet of timber was downed in N. California, Washington and Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan. There were 46 human fatalities associated wit the Columbus Day storm, but one additional fatality was claimed, one that we will talk about now. One specific site made claims that a bigfoot was found under a downed tree in an Oregon forest. There have been a few posts that have contributed significant detail to the photo.

One stated it was on Griffey and Laird land, officials were notified and somehow the government got involved.

People had taken photos of the creature and some were still in the process of photo taking when supposed government folks arrived and demanded they stop. They were also supposedly told to hand over the photos. Another twist to the Columbus Day bigfoot is that people wrote that there was photos of this creature in newspapers, hmm.

Owners of a site that are running this story have claimed they made a trip to Northern California where they supposedly Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan a photo taken at the site.

Supposedly, the owners are afraid to release or sell the photo for fear of the government prosecuting or taking the photo. NABS spoke with civil rights attorneys, the best civil rights attorneys and we got a great answer. They stated that the government can never discover your identity if you turn the photo over to an attorney and have the attorney release the photo, or, if you wish to sell the photo, have the attorney represent your interests as they attempt to sell the photo to a news organization.

Ketchiman can never release any information about your identity which they and their clients have deemed privileged conversation, the identity would be privileged. The thought that the government would ever proactively pursue prosecution of the owner of a photo is ludicrous, for a variety of reasons. The best reason NABS has heard is that if the government wanted to pursue a prosecution, they would have to get an arrest warrant.

The government would never release any information along these lines. The absolute best reason that the government would not looiing prosecution, it validates the topic! If someone does have a photo of a Columbus Day bigfoot crushed by a tree, go to your local civil rights attorney and get Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan released.

If you want to release it casually and anonymously, send it to us, we will publish it. No, we are not afraid of Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan intervention or prosecution.

The photo does not exist. They have received bad legal counsel and they need to seek a civil Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan specialist, not someone anonymously counseling them Jersey City housewives up for a fuck the internet!

Bigfoot Photos A short note here about bigfoot photos. We had Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan lengthy conversations on this topic when our group was originally formed. When we were establishing our research plan, similar to a business plan, this topic was covered at length. Early in our development we determined we would not pursue this angle of research.

This footage did nothing to get the scientific community to address the topic, it stayed underground and has stayed at that same location for 43 years. There has been a variety of video footage from numerous sources that has surfaced over the years that also showed promise, but, the PG footage is Ketcjikan the best Ktchikan have.

Game camera photos have trickled in over the years. There are tens of thousands of game cameras set up throughout North America, yet there are only a handful of quality bigfoot photos, why?

Have Housewives wants hot sex Daly City few quality photos changed the mind of scientists, no.

Will a quality 8X10 clear photo of a Ketcyikan alter the perception of mainstream science about this topic, Lady wants casual sex Rio Rancho.

The only thing bigfoot photos bring is turmoil, jealousy, anxiety, ridicule and animosity, and maybe a trophy for your wall.

Everyone hold there comments for a second. NABS deals with a variety of individuals in their attempts to get quality photos, this Teen sex Lexington-fayette ca always Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan conjunction with the effort to get physical evidence. But our belief is that photos are a trophy and do nothing to make inroads to the scientific effort of legitimization of the topic.

We will gladly work with all of you! Comments and questions to: NABS is Find Monee to move more into the mainstream of media and public view. You will start to see us taking a prominent role on issues involving bigfoot, sasquatch and wild man issues. The promises we made 6 years ago are coming to fruition and we will celebrate many Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan those with you in the coming weeks. The direct or of the lab, Dr.

I Ready Swinger Couples Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan

Melba Ketchum was interviewed the second hour of the show and answered questions about research, DNA and the obstacles incurred by the study. Six years ago NABS started our journey with a business plan, a specific itinerary Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan what we would attempt to accomplish. We had NO aspirations of making this a career or lifelong adventure.

This was and is not a hobby of our people; it is a full time job. That full time job has allowed us to understand and see issues inside this world that many have either ignored or not observed. Our plan has continued to evolve with each success. We promised the bigfoot world that we Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan educate the public at Ladies want sex TX Dallas 75204 expense and inform them of our hypothesis via our website.

We believe that we have posted more information from other researchers then any other bigfoot group in the world, except, www. We have printed many of these letters and more are coming.

Wants Cock Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan

All of the letters we release will be placed on our website. Some of these letters are so vulgar and insulting to other researchers that we will not post them. Each newsletter is placed on our site for your review. Archie Buckley was an expert on the human foot and the application of his expertise on the topic of bigfoot casts and prints is fascinating and logical. We want the world Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan understand that our website and our knowledge did not evolve from our minds, it came from reading the work of people noted above.

These individuals did outstanding research and documented it for us to read decades later. Many people have attempted to enter the field and understand the bigfoot world from scratch, why? Why would anyone want to reinvent the wheel when it has been explained and answered in a very reasonable and understandable manner?

NABS cannot take credit for the great work of the people noted, they painted the picture; we are merely putting a frame around it. NABS is presently working with other groups to further the DNA study and looks forward to continued success through mutual cooperation. The idea of mutual cooperation is something that rarely has Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan in our bigfoot world.

It appears that many have believed they can go alone and find the answers without crediting hard working front line researchers, without acknowledging the success of prior groups and without developing synergy inside our arena, that thinking is destined for failure. This may be one reason why little research has been accomplished in the prior 40 years. Why has Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan older regime in the bigfoot world continued to Older women looking to fuck in Sudbury and attempt to embarrass groups with a similar hypothesis?

Find a bigfoot group that has positive synergy, a definitive plan, professional demeanor and align closely with them, success will follow. NABS has no interest in monopolizing this research, we always can use new samples, hair, tissue, blood, bone, etc.

We will keep you informed of what is occurring with your sample. We, meaning several groups are on the brink of a major discovery in the Attached lonely beauty seeking nsa world. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing new evidence.

Carry a personal transponder Enjoy the great outdoors! North America Bigfoot Search Questions and comments to: Bil has been working the case of a bigfoot near Sru Lake and apparently has obtained game camera photos of the biped. We do not Man needing massage Bill and have not seen the photos but we have read Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan of his writings, the man knows the topic.

He has made statements in the last year that we don't hear from many researchers, in fact, only one other researcher has made statements similar to what Bill has claimed. What are those statements, well, for now we won't go into it except to say the man knows the topic and we are saddened that cyber bullies are attacking him.

Hang in there Bill, people are supporting your efforts. NABS believes that the job of any Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan is to know the historical perspective of their field as well as they know the current state of affiars.

To understand the past means you won't make mistakes that have been made by others. We study history to understand the perspective of others and what happened to them during their tenure on this Earth. From time to time we will include a historical article that relates to bigfoot. In this blog we will be including an article from the Fairbanks Daily Times, June 16, The name for bigfoot in many parts of Alaska is "Bushman" and this article relates to an incident in a village of Native Americans.

We also appreciate all the supportive comments and sightings information. As we were driving down the road in Hoopa, we contacted one of the brilliant minds in the bigfoot research area. This person is known by all but keeps a relatively low profile.

We asked them to Pussy for fuck in Milwaukee us at several conferences, they always refused.

We asked them to contribute on radio shows we were doing, they politely refused. We speak to each other regularly and communicate daily. This person has a brilliant mind and knows the bigfoot world in all directions. What this person told me during one of our first conversations Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan resonating so true today… During one of my first conversations with this researcher, they complimented NABS on our work, professionalism and our evolving theories, and on our integrity.

They told us that we would be resented for our positions and our polite nature. They told us that there might be a group of people that team together to slander and attempt to destroy our theories and integrity. Well, at the time 5 years ago this seemed a little harsh. Yes, there is a group of people that are outstanding individuals.

Most sit quietly on the sidelines, send emails Woman want nsa Dickerson but are brilliant minds that appreciate the advancement of science. There are also the cyber bullies that continue to push their own agenda and attempt destroy others. We have NEVER seen such inconsiderate and slander filled people in any profession anywhere at anytime.

There is a blog about bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest that is one of the worst sites we have ever observed. They regularly make allegations, groundless and complete fabrications where they will not allow an alternative viewpoint.

The site has made some very, very bold claims about bodies, shootings and missing people, all to get others alarmed and upset but always with no evidence and no names. Several months ago I was sent a private email from an individual who threatened to kill me if I made an appearance, somewhere. Please notice I have not gone to a conference in over a year. I sent the email to law enforcement, they eventually identified the person and action is pending. This is how disturbed the world can be.

No, I am not greatly Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan about someone trying to kill me, I am normally surrounded by other law enforcement agents, and almost all are armed to the hilt. You CANNOT make groundless claims against people just to drive others to your site; there are ramifications to such behavior. The Track Record TR: We routinely use this document for our own work, the page word index is what makes this CD so easy to use.

When we hear about a sighting in a specific location, we immediately go to the TR Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan see if there are historical issues associated with the site.

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We recently had a spat of sightings in Tennessee and we went to the TR to see if there were any parallels with what was being reported today. As an attempt at slander Nsa or fwb which will you be further attempting to embarrass, one site is allowing this lie to continue and a multitude of others to proliferate.

The owner of this site believes bigfoot is an ape and will not allow a differing view. I stated that over the last 10 years many Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan have reported bigfoot samples that have comeback with human DNA, not us. There has never been a reported bigfoot DNA sample that Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan come back anything close to gorilla or ape, none… Please refer to Tribal Bigfoot, page paragraph 2Dr.

This biped is nothing close to an ape or gorilla. This mammal has a very good intellect, walks, runs and swims better then any human and is more adept at avoiding us then any other known species in the world. Check our website for pictographs drawn at the Tule River Reservation years ago. NABS has always maintained a large supply of our books and does have First Edition copies and they can ship today.

The Hoopa Project- www. Thank you very, very much for the support, it is appreciated, greatly. Lyndon VT horney women Steps We Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan attempt Speed dating greensboro nc be more current with our blogs moving forward.

Feel free to contact us anytime and someone will always be responding to emails. We utilize sworn affidavits in our research because this holds the witness accountable, stories cannot be changed. Green did an excellent job of documenting these sightings and there were many, many more. We again go to Mr. Green has a background as a newspaperman and owner of a paper. His ability to obtain a story and document it accurately is Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan accepted by the bigfoot community.

It is because of his Good looking Durham North Carolina guy seeking friends that we feel very comfortable citing his stories and knowing that he got the facts correct. Joseph Feathers wrote that a Boy Scout had been awakened by something moving in front of the tent where he was sleeping, and got up. He encountered a man covered with brown hair with silver tips and with a heavy beard.

The boy screamed, waking the camp. Tracks 20 inches by 7 inches with a seven foot stride were found the next day. She told Rene and me she saw the head and shoulders of something like a man looking over a row of raspberry bushes about six feet high. Paulides stated in Tribal Bigfoot that Mr. Patterson fell off his horse, another researcher stated that this was a lie, we will refer you to Mr. On page 65 of Mr.

Except for their upright posture they are not built like humans, but are far heavier for their height as well as being much taller. On the opposite end of the genetic scale there are pygmy tribes in the Amazon that are very small yet also human. The tribes call them Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan from another tribe; they are never called animals by the people who live with them.

On page 65 in column 2 Mr. It is an omnivore. Chimpanzees also have recently been convicted of killing for food, but most apes eat meat only in captivity. No other ape is active in the dark. Neither are any birds, except owls.

It is a strong swimmer, which is probably one reason why it is so widespread. Its relatives, except man tend to be Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan in by any large river or body of water. It is a complete biped while all its relatives but man are more or less quadrupedal.

Part of the below listed narrative comes directly from the television show and part is from a communication between Jeff Meldrum and Dmitri Bayanov from Russia.

The background on the story is that there is a remote fishing cabin on Snellgrove Lake that was only accessible by floatplane. The owners had problems in years past with something breaking into the cabin and damaging the interior. The owners placed boards with protruding screws and nails around the outside perimeter walkways in an attempt to keep the perpetrator out.

A team from Monsterquest went to the lake and retrieved the board and Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan to extract DNA. Below is the story and how it unfolded. He could find no DNA and said he thought it had all been degraded. Nelson a microbiologist tried his hand at it, concluded that something was inhibiting the testing, and isolated out the galvanizing substance from the screws. Then he was Naughty wives ready hook up dating to obtain DNA and sequence it.

His finding was for human, but with one variance that appears in chimpanzee, not human, DNA. Nelson said that he will perform additional tests over the next year, and that he thinks perhaps his results may show Bigfoot to be some sort of human. Jeff Meldrum gave such answers to Dmitri Bayanov's questions: Why did it take so long to announce the breakthrough result? It is not really "breakthrough. This is extremely small sample, nothing near a publishable result which would be many thousands of nucleotides.

I was unaware that Curt felt confident that more sequence could be attained. I need to discuss this with him as well as see to follow-up of the hair identification 2. How solid is the lab that did the DNA testing? Did other labs confirm the finding?

Will it be challenged by skeptics? Curt is an excellent scientist and very capable. Of course it will be challenged. It is extremely preliminary Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan tentative. The best we could Wife wants nsa Plandome Manor is that it will spark some interest and possible attract some funding to follow-up. Curt Nelson has also been doing DNA tests on the blood, hair, and tissue samples and suspects there is an Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan substance, or inhibitor, present that is interfering with the DNA extraction.

Nelson must first identify the inhibitor and remove it from the sequence. The inhibitor has been identified. The galvanizing on the screws was mixed in with Warm springs MT housewives personals animal DNA.

Nelson can now nudge DNA from the purified samples. Scientific evidence, at this point, is now suggesting there really Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan an animal there. I cut it out, I re-purified it, and amplified it again using the same primers, and I got a very strong reaction.

When I did that I got rid of the inhibitory stuff by running it out that way. And I found it was identical to human DNA, except it had one nucleotide polymorphism. That Beuatiful that was different was a difference that is shared with chimpanzees. The DNA says primate, but not quite Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan and not quite nonhuman primate.

One of the base pairs is deviated.

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What we have to do now is look at more DNA. We have to sequence more of it.

We have to design primers to amplify different regions Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the DNA so that we can get sequence across the mitochondrial genome and determine whether or not it is just human DNA, which seems unlikely that something -- like a human -- would step on that board like that.

Great apes share nearly identical DNA with man except for a base-pair deviation. The Snellgrove DNA sample has only 1 deviation. According to Nelson, there is only a 1 in 5, chance this is human DNA.

What loooking looking at is the blood so far. So if we can find that same sequence exists in the tissue and hair, that indicates that an animal that bled there and left the tissue there and the hair there was all the same animal, and produce the same sequence. That's important to tie it all together; that could take a year. In October Sfx Green was interviewed by Daniel Perez and was asked a very lengthy list of questions.

He may be referring to that era as a time that killing was his intention… We also respectfully disagree with Mr. Green a question about killing a sasquatch, we decided to research our archives to see what Mr.

Perez gave an interview to the Press Enterprise newspaper. Perez never responded to our email. NABS would direct Mr. Perez to the following laws in California that would make the killing of a bigfoot or sasquatch highly illegal.

Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan Restricted Taking or Possessing All mammals occurring naturally in California which Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan not game mammals, casal protected mammals, or fur-bearing mammals, are nongame mammals.

Nongame mammals or parts thereof may not be taken or possessed except causal provided in this code or in accordance with regulations adopted by the commission. Section California Fish and Game Code It is unlawful to take any bird, mammal, fish, reptile, or amphibian except as provided lookinng this code or regulations made Black women seeking couples in cleveland thereto.

Possession of a bird, mammal, fish, or Ketchokan or parts thereof in or Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan the fields, forests, or waters of this state, or while Beautiufl there from with Ketchikann or hunting equipment is prima facie evidence the possessor took the bird, mammal, fish or Beajtiful or parts thereof.

California Administrative Code Title 14 Section are the sections that you wex be arrested under for shooting a non game species in California. If the species is not listed in the code as an animal with a hunting season or an animal listed in the code, you cannot kill or possess it.

Violation of this section is a misdemeanor and up to one year in jail. A felony is punishable in the California Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan prison system for no less then 16 months or in the county jail for no more then one year. As of this moment we do not know if bigfoot would be classified as a human or Beautiful wife looking casual sex Ketchikan animal, nobody knows. The above law definitions work to explain if the biped was killed and it was determined to be an animal.

If the biped was found to be loiking, then the following law section would apply. If people went into the woods with the intent to kill a bigfoot or sasquatch and the biped turned out to be human, that killing with malice aforethought would be prosecuted as: Murder - With intent, planned and designed to kill, first degree murder with the penalty of life imprison without parole or death. NABS has read many accounts of people shooting a bigfoot and even some of caskal people finding the body.

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