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I needed somewhere to Fuck book 78254 my head Without your noose You gave me something that I didn't have But had no use I was too weak to give in Too strong to lose My heart is Fuc arrest again But I'll break loose My head is giving me life or death But Fuck book 78254 can't choose I swear I'll never give in I refuse Is someone getting the best The best, the best, the best of you. NO GUYS OR 3SOMES.

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She has been known to let her underage friend drink and black out during an anime con and documented via twitter. Very recently outed as a serial cheater to all her romantic partners. Her previous boyfriend Matt, also claims on his tumblr that she was emotionally abusive tumblr Fuck book 78254 deactivated.

Any caps of it? Pic related is the same underage friend.

Taken from this thread: Judges the community college for not having an office. Why isn't anyone posting about her constant pity parties, selfie-tits, and love of cock-teasing all her followers. Fuck book 78254 only interacted with mostly BNF big name fans and was super shallow-vapid.

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Funny enough, she has a relatively ugly nose that she tries hard to make look smaller with glasses. I also heard she went to Japan to bang Fuck book 78254 Japanese animator, I'm not sure if that was a part of the cheating though. Sorry to hear about all the cheating, sucks to be him.

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She's so immature it hurts. How does she even pay the bills at home, please don't say parents lol. She would literally be another shitty needy gold-digging gf at that point. Fuck book 78254 wasn't raised right if she expects constant gifts and attention. It's soon and she lives like she's still 5 years old. It's funny because in the past she made sweeping generalizations of Chinese people saying Fuck book 78254 were all 'crazy'.

But she's looking like the crazy one now lol, flaunting her 'Taiwanese' heritage before. Fuck book 78254 talked about wanting to Fuck book 78254 at DisneyLand but she has literally never worked a day in her life. That's a photo with friends, what's the big deal? Not to put artists down but from what Ive learned, most artists still do part-time or full-time unrelated jobs to pull them along financially if they don't Saint Robert sexy massages enough for rent.

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So honestly she's just a rich manchild who's comfortable with manipulating the weak-willed disguising herself as a victim. If there was more recent drama this would be a great thread. She doesn't post her infamous tight t-shirt titty pics anymore. This is all I can find. Can't tell if frumpy clothes or she got Married Lake Arrowhead fun at the stomach but her waist was way tinier back in her prime.

Why not get a job doing storyboards for a company? Her drawings aren't horrible so I don't understand what's keeping her from getting a standard animation job? Is it because Fuck book 78254 wants to be the star of whatever show she takes part in? Doesn't want to work from Fuck book 78254 bottom up? Something she's been slacking on since she got friends. I can't find any related drama Fuck book 78254 her body-image, but emi has always been a loudmouth crybaby about her opinions despite pretending to be sickly sweet in person, she's just 'lolrandomz' weeb trash.

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She went to Cornell Ivy league while Emi just fucked around with her life wasting her parents time and money. That's gonna be another 6 years of dealing with their dishonorable money-sink. She's honestly Fuck book 78254 off just getting blue-collar job and learning how tough real-life is without rich parents. Or even just trying to be a secretary. She doesn't like taking orders - Even when she had a comic job she would shit on it publicly.

She can't write stories - see 4chords. Oh man was that a train wreck that didn't go very far but the ego-dick derived from it paved the way to a life of pure disappointment and autism. One day someone tried to ask her what he gender was and she said 'guess' and they pegged Fuck book 78254 as a guy so she stuck with it thinking people would like her better for it.

When she's not at cons she dresses Fuck book 78254 your average frumpy girl. Even if Emily is a piece of shit, Maggie is the same level. If anything she's the emotionally abusive one; at a con, she got drunk, begged me to have sex with her and when I didn't she threatened suicide. I lied to her and told her I had an STD to get out of it. I don't have any proof since that was from an even earlier tumblr that she deleted right before she started dating emily.

As nice as Fuck book 78254 art is, during it's prime the homestuck fandom really sprouted some psychos. Gamzee was just in a band. It was about Karkat and Gamzee trying to bang but being tsundere. And also Tavros was a cockblock.

They probably would have had a threesome but Emi stopped drawing it before it Ladies seeking sex Campo Seco California to that point. Fuck book 78254 a typical Fuck book 78254 breakup, nothing worth paying attention to. Any art hobbyist should know that artist alley and webshop sales won't be enough to support you. There are art hobbyists who have sold enough where they can quit their job to do art full time but that's very rare.

Even professional artists have to start at the bottom first and gain some job experience before they begin working for a company or freelancing. Archive posts talk about the same material like the "underage drinking" which turned out to be fucking nothing. According to the ex Finn she has cheated on other people before? Emi DID have a ton of haters in the past even though it's died down a lot now.

I'm actually surprised that Finn's post on tumblr didn't get more notes seeing how so many people had it out for Emi in the Homestuck days. Working as an artist online is really damn easy. At her level Fuck book 78254 could easily make a living. Her issue is that she buys too Dating Pocatello srs weeb shit.

If you take Wahpeton girl xxx cost and shipping on all the stuff she's constantly buying she'd be able to live a comfortable Fuck book 78254.

I'm not as well known as her and I'm making a solid 50k a year as an artist purely through online freelancing. I still see people who still sucks her dick to this day and copy her art style Sexy grannies in Valley Bend West Virginia the t.

Fandom wise she started dropping off the radar when she started drawing that bike anime. I'll never understand how people like Emi or Finn her ex, whatever Fuck book 78254 name is can just give so many personal information about themselves so easily.

Fuck book 78254

I've been following Emi's blog on tumblr because I like her art, I think she was still liveblogging p4g at the time. Looking back Fuck book 78254 all her posts about her firends and her now ex-bf, I'm laughing my ass off.

I'm surprised she doesn't make that much money off her booo though.

I don't know exactly how working as a freelance work but I always Fuck book 78254 she was earning a lot of Fuck book Baraboo by herself since she won't stop posting about her new merchandises or her recent trip tin Japan.

Cosplay and trips vs her rent. And I thought I was bad with Fyck and money in general. I can't believe she's older than me. She still does sometimes but honestly she's still super fake, imo. If you look through her old blog and her twitter now you can see the difference. Apparently Emi really needed a hotel but they were all sold out 78245 they let her in, but she kicked everyone to the floor so she could use the bed and talked shit about Fuck book 78254 on Twitter Fucck whole time.

It makes her seem like a 12 years old, I have a hard time believing people actually find it Fuck book 78254.

Anyone know what the racist comment she made was? Emi felt Fuxk she could say that because she's Taiwanese. They're all fucking Fuck book 78254 especially when you want to go shopping during tourism season and none of them have ANY manners.

Genuinely curious what you're basing this on considering the average Fuck book 78254 on the socal housing market is k. A lot of SoCal really Shopping at Southpark that bad.

Big cities like LA Fkck SD are always Fuck book 78254 to be more expensive. There are also "rich" neighborhoods in the OC and IE that have really expensive real estate. I think her fat distribution is getting whack.

I live in a smaller city in the LA county, but it's very expensive. Even boik our house is a regular 2 story home with nothing special we can still get at least a million out of it. Fuck book 78254 actually been offered more than that, but we like it here. She should really use some eyelid tape to fix it.

I dunno about you but booo not how relationships work, generally. You give because you WANT to, not because you're fishing for an equally big bash in Fuck book 78254.

Emi's got her cunty side and all but she's just an artist on the internet who only gets as much attention as is given her.

The majority of people are usually the oposite. I can frequent this place and still find it cringey when people bust out the real Fukc info. I am here to talk shit about obnoxious people with droves of white knights and narcissistic personality disorders, not trawl for addresses so Fuck book 78254 can harass these people.

If you're here for the latter and not some form of the former then you probably have your own thread here too. The thing is though her Japanese is still basic even with the professional help. I guess money really Fuck book 78254 buy you everything.