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I need advice from a mans persective Looking Sex Dating

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I need advice from a mans persective

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Im 16 years old and i have been seeing a lad for 5 months, I then fell pregnant with him. Ffom I need advice from a mans persective so confused and scared i had no idea Gay personals edging Karijini to do, I wanted the baby and i know this is proably going to be frounded unpon but i really do. I hdnt told him, then over the past week and a half he's been acting I hdnt told him, then over the past week and a half he's been acting wiered, he says he dosnt wanna be in a relationship with anyone at all So i had to tell him, he reacted queit badly telling me he hates me etc.

Iv text him laods today and he says 'dont text me agen im blocking you' So i text him again and it was obvious he hadnt. I then asked him if he wanted to be involovedl, he just came back with ' no its not mine'.

I love this lad to bit's and i dont no what to do? Iv tried everything, anybody gone ened similar thing, any advice? Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Pesrective he doesnt seem to change his mood in about a week is there anybody else who can support you like your parents have you even told them yet??

I have never responded to a question someone posted on the internet in my life but feel so strongly you are not being given a balanced responce to your problem.

And you may feel this is harsh, I need advice from a mans persective.

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I know you do not feel that way at the miniute but at 16 mane are still a child yourself and have so much life to live before settling down, it is unfair to try to bring a child up on You, the Child and the Father. I had a child at 27 and still felt I was too young to give them the upbringing they deserve.

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A child is a Intimate encounter atthe Lowell commons resonsibility, you have to think about you being stuck at home when all your friends are out on a friday and saturday night, all the oportunities you will miss, getting a qualification, a stable home for you and a baby, finding a decent partner who will Lakeshore-MS sex personals resent you having another mans child or having a baby so young, you may have the most suportive parents in the world but this is not thier problem and is totally unfair and selfish to expect them to support you even though they may say they are fine with it Think about how this child will feel when it knows it's Father did not want to know?

There are far too many children in this world who are not given the love and support both emotional and financial they trully need to do well I need advice from a mans persective such a cut throat society we live I need advice from a mans persective. Your hormones are going wild at the moment I know this becasue I am pregnant with my 2nd myself at the moment and you will feel I am patronising you, I can't say anything to change your mind about that point.

Your body will change forever, stretch marks etc. Will you cope on your own if parents are not there for you, is it fair to rely on money hard working tax payers have earned to keep you and your baby in food and clothes?

Sorry again to sound harsh, but you arvice for help and I am jus giving you a persective that nobody else seems to have been brave enough to give.

You are 16 and he is 19, there may not seem like a big age gap there, but maturity wise, you have some growing up to do compared to him.

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Give him a break, he was ending the relationship with you before he knew you were pregnant, just because you s prego now, dosnt mean he has to be with you Just leave him alone right now, if he deny's paternity, then that is what courts are for.

Stop I need advice from a mans persective and acting obsessivly You have a baby to worry about now, so concentrate on that.

My friend is going through a similar situation, where manns boyfriend totally freaked out when he founfd out neeed was I need advice from a mans persective and he didnt want anything to do with it, he wanted her to get an abortion, but as time has gone by he has come around, he's still not Sugar daddy seeking post best pussy Cheyenne Wyoming most supportive but he's at least come to terms with the fact that he is going to be a father.

It sound like in your situation, you need to just focus on you and your baby right now. If he wants to be in the babys life, then he will let you know, but you need to do whats right for you and your baby.

I need advice from a mans persective

Masn best friend went through this when she was 19 with twins, and another good friend went through this when she was more like I'm afraid there isn't much you can do, but give him time to process everything, and even then you have to be prepared that he might not come around. I'm sorry about the state of your relationship with this boy.

I'm sure, regardless of what happens Terrell woman sex Terrell him, that this little baby will be a blessing to you advlce your I need advice from a mans persective.

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Now,that being said,leave him alone. Give him some time to think,bugging him is not going frlm help you,its going to make it worse,so just leave him alone.

Once you have the baby,if he still hasnt come around,file for child support.

Hopefully he'll come around and at least talk to you about this. He's probably just as surprised as you are right now, and hasn't had the time to digest what you've told him!

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Maybe give him a little more time to sort things out, then neeed again. If he still wants nothing to do with the baby, it's his loss.

I wish you luck! You sound to be a strong person get over him and one day you will find a good man.

Mom of 1 and 30 weeks pregnant with 2. Your 16 and are behaving more adult then he is. Id tell your family, get their support and raise your baby with them and not him.

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He doesnt sound to be a decent guy. Youll love again believe me, esp when you hold your child in your arms for the first time.

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